Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watch Me Grow

Lee and I searched and struggled with finding our new home. It seems like we would get our hopes up and then things would fall through at the last moment. We prayed and prayed but nothing worked out at first. Of course I know now that God had a better place in mind than we did all along. Things finally came through (as always) and we closed on a home that is just right for us. Everything about it just fell into place. The biggest blessing of our first home wasn't exactly the home itself (which we do love, by the way) but our neighbors, Adam and Lindsay. We instantly became friends with these two.

Not only are Adam and Lindsay fabulous, but they have a little girl who is probably the happiest baby I have ever met. We have had the privilege of watching Lydia grow in her mama's belly, learn to crawl, and to become the happy (almost) one year old little girl that she is today. I have also had the privilege of practicing my new photography hobby with Lydia who is (have I mentioned this) ALWAYS HAPPY!

Here is a glimpse into little Lydia...

One Month

Six Months

Nine Months


  1. Sarah! These pics are awesome! We should have another Cafe Lazio encounter....on purpose :)


  2. Thanks love! We need another Cafe Lazio day when they re-open. We bought groupons so this one can be on us!